About Us

Who are Creative Kids Supplies?

Hi, I’m Julie Wright, the founder of Creative Kids Supplies (CKS).

Having spent 11 years in child care, I have a strong appreciation of the fact that all kids are different and their strengths, challenges, and ways they learn are many and varied.

Easy Access to Quality Resources

During my time in child care, one of the regular problems I encountered was finding resources to cater for the different needs of children, and then accessing them easily in a regional area. Parents and fellow educators told me that they were also having the same experience, especially when it came to finding products for children with special needs. Quality products can be hard to find, or, they are only available at prices that really stretch school and household budgets.

So that’s why we decided to establish a business that provides the quality resources educators and parents are looking for, at reasonable prices, conveniently delivered to your door Australia-wide.

Meet Our Mascot, Homer!

Homer is our friendly Australian Silky Cross Maltese Terrier, and he is a much-loved member of our family.

Well actually, he pretty much rules the household along with his little sister Miss Moo.

Meet Homer, our mascot

Educator Resources

Our resources for teachers and teacher aides include books, charts, and a variety of educational games for assisted learning.

Art & Craft Supplies

Children love to create, and we have everything you need to let them express themselves including paints, brushes, glues, collage materials and more.

Educational Toys

We carry of variety of toys such as blocks, puzzles, puppets, interactive books and more designed to help develop cognitive and social skills. Many are specifically developed to assist children with special needs.